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If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your prescription, let us know and we'll make it right or refund the cost of our services.
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It's easy! All you need is your smartphone, a computer, and 15 minutes.

Doctor Review

Doctor Review

Our eye doctors will provide your prescription within 24 hours for just $40 now $20 (that's less than the average copay for a contact lens fitting)!


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A recent study found no significant difference between our online vision test and a traditional vision test. see the report

Clinically Proven

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Every prescription is issued by a licensed Ophthalmologist and can be used to shop for glasses or contacts anywhere.

About Our Doctors

About Our Doctors

The Ophthalmologist issuing your prescription is licensed in your state and board certified. Our doctors will:

  • Check if you're satisfied with your current prescription
  • Compare your test results to your prior prescription
  • Write and sign your new prescription
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What Our Patients Say

Avoiding Traffic

“When I found, everything changed. Not only could I afford it, but I was able to throw away the contacts I'd worn for way too long. Best of all, I was able to avoid L.A. traffic while I did the exam at home in half an hour. It's such a relief that there's something out there for people like me with a tight budget and crazy schedule.” - Sarah

Skipping the Sitter

“When you have to take kids with you to an appointment, it's a struggle. At home, I can turn on a movie and take my exam in peace without the stress of kids misbehaving. The test was fast, easy, and ready for me to take whenever I had enough time. So, I save myself the hassle, I save money on the exam, AND I save money on gas and possibly a babysitter.” - Dana

What Is the Online Eye Test?

The online eye test replicates the same type of vision test you would take in your eye care practitioner's office. The difference? You can take it from the convenience of your own home. No scheduling an appointment, no driving to the ophthalmologist's office - all you need is a computer, a smartphone, and less than a half hour of time to take the test.

How Does the Online Eye Test Work?

  1. First, you'll answer a few questions online to determine if you're eligible for the test.
  2. Next, you'll receive a text message containing a link to the test.
  3. Follow the audio and visual instructions on your computer and use your phone as a remote control to answer the test's questions.
  4. Once the test is complete, your results will be sent to a board certified ophthalmologist in your state.
  5. You'll receive your prescription in 24 hours or less via email.

Note: The online eye test does not replace a comprehensive eye health exam. If you have certain health issues, such as diabetes or recent eye surgery, you'll want to visit your ECP for an in-house exam.

Our Guarentee
If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your prescription, let us know and we'll make it right or refund the cost of our services.
It's that simple.
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