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If you found us, you're probably tired of trekking to your ophthalmologist's office for a vision test that takes longer to drive to than it does to read the chart.

You're probably tired of paying exorbitant prices for appointments on top of glasses on top of contacts and you might even be tired of waiting for the results of your test before you can fill a prescription for your next set of eyes.

If even part of the above is true you've come to the right place.

Eyetest.com is a website that gives visually impaired customers an easy (and affordable!) way to get high-quality prescriptions for their eyewear from the comfort of their own home.

(Yes, you read that right: From the comfort of their own home.)

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Anyone age 18-55 who is visually impaired (and who is also asymptomatic and in good health) may take a short vision test using their own computer-yielding results that can be sent to one of Eyetest.com's board-certified eye doctors, who will then write a script for the customer's new pair of contacts or eyeglasses. (And in the event that a deeper medical eye condition is discovered beyond a simple script for corrective eyewear, Eyetest.com's ophthalmologist will offer appropriate guidance to the customer about their next step in eye care.)

With a turn-around time of about 24 hours (and at $40 for glasses or contacts and only $60 for both), Eyetest.com is leading today's generation of eyeglasses and contacts wearers toward a new paradigm in eye care. All it takes is a smartphone, a computer and about 10 feet of space to stand back from a screen to record what is seen. Couldn't be more easy.

Curious about Eyetest.com? Browse our site and see if you qualify by reading our FAQ page (some stipulations apply), or contact a member of our friendly customer service team. Because here at Eyetest.com, our goal is to have you seeing clear in no time, by taking the time out of having you see clear.

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