Does check how healthy my eyes are?

It's important to be aware that while is a valuable and time-saving tool for fulfilling your eyeglasses and contacts needs, shouldn't replace a deep exam by your eye health professional.

Our docs use today's technology to test your eyes' ability to see sharp and clear, and thanks to the test you take with us they can review your results and detect refractive errors in your eyes and prescribe assistive devices accordingly. But we here at still strongly recommend having your eyes checked at least once every 2 years. Especially if you're between 18-55.

While we know you'll love us for our convenience, we deeply believe in educating patients about the import of proper eye health. Here are a few things we do to ensure your eyes are as healthy as can be by the time you take our online vision test:

  1. only services folks between 18-55 who deem themselves healthy and without medical symptoms.
  2. patients may not use our annual prescription services four times in a row during a 5-year period without having an eye exam by an outside professional (i.e., not one of our doctors). We'll verify that your eye exam was completed before allowing you to take a vision test on our site.
  3. For our contacts' wearers, recommends screenings for contacts-related eye problems.

We'll always help our patients find the eye care professionals they need to stay healthy (sometimes using tools right in our patients' online accounts). And if you ever have questions, we can be reached at

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